Back In 5 Minutes

I was originally going to title this blog post as “I’ll be back”, but I decided against it because I feel it would have been too easy and secondly it required no imagination. Plus, thirdly I was assuming everyone would understand the Arnold Schwarzenegger reference & find it hillarious, where in fact I don’t think he’s said it in any of his films in the last 15 years.

arnie i'll be back

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My Conspiracy Theory About DJ’s

The Days Of Past Thoughts – Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan

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Sunshine Blogger Award

G’day skippers!

Carol at Born Into The Wild Life has very kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out her blog as she has an interesting background & writes interesting posts about her thoughts & life. And she has broken many bones!

I’m in a bit of a rush today & limited for time, but as I haven’t posted much lately I will nominate you (yes YOU the person reading this!) to answer the same questions i’ve answered below in the comments section.  


  1. Do you have a favourite pair or pairs of socks. If so, which ones?Oddly enough yes. My sister bought me some thick socks from Fat Face last Christmas. They’re great for around the house and they are also great for heel support when I wear my boots.
  2. If humans naturally had colourful hair like in cartoons and anime, what colour hair would you choose?It has to be the blue hair from Sonic the Hedgehog. Technically he’s from a game, but it was made into a cartoon. Plus he’s a hedgehog, so he has spikes. But that’s my answer & I ain’t changing it.
  3. If you don’t leave the house, what do you wear all day?If I definitely know I won’t be leaving the house that day, I’ll stay in my pj’s. And depending how badly I smell, I might be a right scumbag & not shower either.
  4. Do you have any pets?No. Too much hassle.
  5. What’s your favourite home cooked dish?Tough call. I love cheese. A big cheesy lasagne is a winner. Or a spaghetti bolognese. But I suppose you can’t beat a big roast dinner.
  6. Do you have piercings? If so, what ones?No. On a guy, they look a bit daft once you get past a certain age.
  7. Have you ever gone skydiving?No. I have thought about it. Everytime I watch ‘Point Break’ (the original, not the shitty remake) I think it would be cool to be just like Patrick Swayze. But I feel you have to have a lot of faith in the parachute. I’ve gotta have faith.
  8. Do you have any tattoos?No. Toyed with the idea in my younger days. But glad I didn’t. I’ve seen a lot of naff & poorly done tattoos. I think you need to have a particular physique & skin tone for a tattoo(s) to look good. And having sat through my other halfs tattoo removal sessions, I would recommend anyone considering getting a tattoo to witness one.

    If you’re reading this & have a tattoo, don’t ask me if I like your tattoo.

  9. What is your least favourite chore?Washing up. Sure you can get a dishwasher, but after an hour of doing its thing, they can still come out half dirty. If I was rich I would throw away dirty dishes & buy new ones each time.
  10. If you had the choice to learn any language fluently (including reading/writing), what would it be and why?I couldn’t pick one, so here’s what I’d go for & why:

    French. I could listen to a french person all day. It’s very soothing.
    Italian. Everything sounds so passionate.
    German. I would tell people off & swear all day long in German.
    Japanese. I really want to go to Japan. It would be nice to know some lingo.

  11. What is your favourite fruit?Pineapple. It’s so juicy & succulent. But not on a pizza because that’s wrong. And I will fight you if you disagree.


And that’s about it! Sorry for any dodgy spelling & grammar.

Peace & love.

Beware! Facebook Is Satan’s Tool! 

I was going to write a post on the Facebook privacy issues that have been in the news & why FB gets on my wick.

Thankfully for me The Little Mermaid has pretty much captured most of my thoughts, so enjoy the reblog!

I’m feeling blessed. 😉

The Little Mermaid

In this current age of an inordinately dangerous swell of anti-intellectualism and information warfare, Facebook is, in great measure, accountable for the demise of culture, stability and privacy in our lives. I’m not the least bit sorry to aver, esteemed tech mogul-Mr Mark Zukerberg, aka The Android, that your creation has brought about a widespread degradation of human values, of talents and of our ability to perceive logically. But why would you even give a monkey’s at all when you have built yourself and your future generations an empire of cosmic proportions? Admist the ongoing Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, there could not be a more providential time for me to express the reasons for my surging hate when using this overrated social media platform.

1. For a start, those who use a fake name and a fake profile picture make my blood boil.

I understand that the Dad’s Princess…

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Your Life Defining Moment Is Someone Else’s Incidental Backdrop

The Fall Of Icarus was a painting by Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel. It is based on a Greek legend about a father & his son, Icarus, who were imprisoned.

The father makes wings for himself & Icarus to escape prison. The wings were made out of wax and the father warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, otherwise the wings made of wax will melt and therefore he will fall.

However, Icarus doesn’t listen to his father’s advice and unfortunately he falls into the sea.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Pushed Into Feeling The Need To Blog Every Week

AKA My Failed Restaurant Review Of Omnino in London

So, below is a blog that I started to write just under a month ago, but I gave up & forgot all about it, until today when I realised that I hadn’t really posted anything for a few weeks.

I had a look in my drafts folder & saw what was the start of a restaurant review amongst other listed ideas I occasionally write for myself when I get moments of inspiration.

For clarity, the bold parts was from what I wrote a few weeks ago and the red italics in brackets is my current analysis. Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Be Pushed Into Feeling The Need To Blog Every Week”

Whatever Happened To Jennifer Garner?

I stumbled upon a little ditty the other day that I wrote about 10 years ago about Jennifer Garner. This was at the height of my Jennifer Garner obsession.

It got me wondering what happened to her? She seems to have been ‘off the radar’ during the last few years acting wise.

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